Sunday, 18 July 2010

How Can I Say Thanks?

So, it was Valentine's Day and I wanted to make something special for my husband. I began to think of the little things, those special things that he does for me that sometimes go unnoticed. By making this project, I also reminded myself about the things that really make a relationship sparkle...the things that can't be bought, but serve as gestures that make a hectic life a little easier. Those little things that are like  sprinkles on a cupcake, or like  whipped cream on your favourite hot beverage (for me, a Caramel Corretto from Second Cup). As I thought, I started to smile because a few particular things began to come to mind. Then I sat at my desk, and a little later, this is what emerged! 

PAGE ONE: Thank you for letting me sleep in on Saturday morning, even though you're tired.
(I usually scrap on Fridays from 11pm till about 3am....we have a 3yr old and a 6 yr old.....i'm sure you get the picture!)

PAGE TWO: Thank you for driving me to work even though it makes you late.

PAGE THREE: Thank you for letting me sleep in the middle of the bed even though you have to squish to one side.
(I really can't explain this one...I fall asleep on my side....)

PAGE FOUR: Thank you for loving me.

Thanks for looking!!!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Mousey Magnets

I LOVE making magnets!! I started over the Christmas holidays and I have been making them ever since. Actually, I don't even really give cards anymore....well that isn't totally true. I still make cards, but now I put a magnet inside rather than a printed sentiment. These magnets were created for a client of mine who wanted something unique and personal to give to her bridesmaids. Each one was so much fun to create and the theme matches the personality of the bridesmaid it was created for! Thanks for looking!!