Saturday, 27 July 2013

My TWEEThearts

I LOVE MY GIRLS! Most of the pages that I make are the moments that I, or my hubby, capture as we go through life enjoying the blessing of family that God has given to us. These girls are our world and they, as I often tell them, are the best "things" that I have ever made. They truly are my "tweethearts". 

As I created this page, the Lord reminded me of a scripture in the book of Matthew; it is actually my husbands favourite scripture. Matthew 6:25-34 reminds us that we do not need to worry about anything because we are more valuable to than the birds, and our Lord provides for them. Just as they do not have to worry about how their needs will be met, neither do we. He will provide for us. 

If you have a moment, read this scripture in The Message version. It really puts things into perspective.

It's Been A Long Time....

Well, it has been almost TWO YEARS since my last blog post, and I have decided to resurrect MouseyFace and begin sharing again. I have still been scrapping and creating, but sometimes life gets in the way and that is exactly what happened......for two years. So while I can't promise a daily update, I can commit, to a weekly update.....well I will try my best, my very best.