Thursday, 23 December 2010

Whose List Are You On?

When my eldest daughter was born, my husband and I decided to use a picture of her for our Christmas card. And for three years, the cards were a hit. 

First, we did a cute Santa pic....

Then, I was inspired by that beloved holiday classic, Rudolph....

And last, but not least, (and my personal fave)....the Grinch....

After that year, and to the disappointment of our family and friends, we decided to take a break and we weren't inspired for a few years. But this year I had an idea that I knew my youngest daughter could pull off. 

Now, you have to understand, usually when we want to take a picture of Kimee, it takes a looooooooooooong time to get that perfect shot. She squirms, makes the silliest faces and has this fascination with coming right up to the lens (typical toddler!). Needless to say, my husband always gets the shot, after about 50 clicks!! But this time, THIS time, Kimee surprised us all! We got this shot after only about FIVE tries!!! And she nailed it.....wouldn't you agree??

Here is my layout..........

The caption on the inside of the card is:
We hope you're on the "nice" list!

I already have a plan for next year's card....I'm thinking that the girls will do something together.....but you'll just have to wait another year to see my vision come to life ;)

Thanks for looking!!


Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I can't believe that it has been almost a month since I updated my blog!!! That is awful!! What is worse is that I have not even created anything during that time! Each day is so crazy that many of my free moments are usually spent sleeping! Does that ever happen to you?? I mean LIFE getting in the way of LIFE?? Think about the things that mean the most to you (God, family, friends, hobbies) those thing that add all of the memories that truly come together to make each day more meaningful and purposeful. Do they get pushed aside for the secondary, the mundane, but necessary daily routines that somehow unite to form those busy, stressful, and "to-do" packed days called LIFE? Believe me, sometimes I can become so focused on the latter that I begin to allow all of those "other" things that, while important, are not what I really want to define my days, my calendar, or ME. I need to stop and RE-prioritize to ensure that what I love most is actually what I do most. This doesn't always work out....and I admit that I am very blessed to have a career that I LOVE, but I think we all need to stop every once in a while and check to make sure that life is not dragging through time leaving us dizzy and disoriented. We all have to travel through life, so I guess we should choose the scenic route whenever we can.

So, speaking of what I love is a page that I created a while back :)