Tuesday, 2 November 2010

For My Daughter...

Some may think that it not the best thing in the world having a mother for a teacher. Fortunately for me, my girls really seem to love it. Everyday when they come home form school, they go upstairs for what well affectionately call "Brown Academy". That is my time to work with them to build their academic skills. We have a lot of fun too! The girls even call me "Mrs. Brown" !! 

Anywhooo......I wanted to make something for my youngest to encourage her to learn to print her name. So, I used one of my my  blank CD jackets and transform it into a mini writing book.

I decided to hand write the alphabet on the inside cover so that she can have it to refer to when she is practicing her printing.

The little blue booklet is what she will use to practice her printing. This entire project was created with my guest DT kit that I received from Kreatorville Krafts.

I had so much fun creating this and I hope that my daughter will have even more fun using it!!


Jolanda said...

this is so cute and such a nice story!!
I love what you made.
A very special gift!!
Have a nice day,Jolanda

Kiwi The Kreator said...

You have SOO many people FEVERISHLY writing down instructions for this AMAZING project!!! Thanx SOO much for racquin' SOO hard for us this month!!!

Cathy said...

What a great idea. My DS will be writing soon. Love K kits. They are awesome.

chalesek said...

How cute is this!! Love it I going to do this for sure!!!:)

Jojorenee said...

This is an awesome idea I have been trying to drill my 3yr old son with homework for the last few weeks. Maybe this special treat will excite him to WANT to do it?!

SuzieQTT said...

I love this idea!!! Great blog!! Your daughter is so cute!