Friday, 13 August 2010

Journey to Size 12.....

So, I have decided to take better care of my body and try to shed a few pounds so that I can return to my post marriage, baby, career etc. dress size which was a 12. Now, some of you may be thinking, "Size 12,  that's not that small". But when you are six feet tall, size twelve is like size 6!!

I have acquired a personal trainer, an aerobics DVD and I have committed to eating better....the latter being the more difficult of the three pieces of my size twelve puzzle :)  I created this weight loss journal to track my successes, triumphs, and any bumps in the road; I will be sure to keep you updated about my progress as I go along.

I used envelopes, my Zutter, ink, and paper scraps to created this little book. My plan is to record my weight and measurements each month along with my thoughts. The purpose of the envelopes is to include pictures that  take as I make my transformation. But I won't be posting any "before" pics until I have chiseled out my beach body and I have something to brag about :) Wish me luck.....and say a prayer for me. I met with my trainer earlier today and I am pretty sure that my body  will be frozen in whatever position I fall asleep in tonight!!


soulenergy said...

This is an AMAZING and beautiful journal... how can you not be inspired?

☆All the best☆


KateB said...

am new to your blog and thought this was so cute and just a fantastic idea! I too have started a weight loss journey this yr (I've fallen off track a bit) and maybe if I created a minibook, it would keep me more motivated...GOod luck! and thanks for inspiring :)